Quilt For Life MICHIGAN

We are putting together a Quilt for LIfe for the whole state of MICHIGAN!


Take a look at our website and see how you can participate!  It will be a great opportunity for people to actually be able to see how many children this really effects! We hope you will join us!   www.brandynsbouncers.com

Here is a short list of places this Quilt will be on display as we get going, with more to come. (we may even allow other families to put the Quilt on display at their outings, we are working on it, could use some ideas to make sure our quilt stays safe, clean, neat)

Advanced Auto in Greenville

Brandyns Bouncers Annual Texas Holdem Tournament

Brandyns Bouncers Annual Golf Outing

Greenville Danish Festival

Stanton Old Fashion Days

Sheridan Spring Fest