Quinoa Issues

Does anyone else have extreme BG spikes when eating quinoa? I’ve noticed that even in following the carb count from different quinoa products I still have high BG hours afterward. Everyone wants to be healthy and serve it as a rice substitute, but it affects my BG more drastically than brown rice.

YES I can not eat GRAINS w/o getting bg spikes. Dr Oz just had author of book talking about GRAIN DRAIN for everyone. Dr oz has recipe on web site for all purpose grain free flour. I have already went grain free about mo ago, lost weight & lowered spikes. I can not eat grains and also some foods such as yams unless I want to get spikes.

I have the same problem with quinoa and any kind of oatmeal, I don’t eat either of them very often anymore but if I do I take the insulin needed and wait to eat it until the arrow on my Dexcom starts pointing down, it makes the spike far less drastic.