ok, i was on webkinz doing quizzys to get some kinzcash. i was doing 7-8year olds and it asked id diabetes is contagious. i said no and t said i was right. then it said diabetes is when a person doesnt make enough insulin so it is definatly not contagious.

maybe little kids will understand us better! that does nothing to prevent the cinfusion of type 1 and 2 but it gave some accurate information about all types.

That's cool. I mean they are teaching littleor younger kids about diabetes in a game. Maybe they should make a game for family's that teaches about diabetes. lol. My family would play it. lol.

Maybe you could write a letter to the game manufacturer (or webmaster) to alert them of this mistake.  Then, maybe they could make the game more accurate.  Just a suggestion... sometimes people don't know about a mistake until someone tells them.  :)