Raffle for Patience

Hey there. My good friend's daughter was DX T1 this past Friday January 21st 2011. We are trying something new to try and help their family out. Their daughter Patience is 11 years old. She also got MRSA. She will be in the hospital for a few more days now because of MRSA. There is a youtube video link posted below that has a few of her pics in it. Sorry for the blurryness but this is what I got via text picture. We all know how the family feels right now...we have all been there. I know this sounds odd but friends of mine who have their own independent chocolate company have put together a little Raffle for Patience. The prize is $50 dollars worth of chocolate and goodies. I know chocolate and diabetics....but we dont have to eat it. But we can have "some" when we are low right? :) I'm asking anyone that is able, to please help out if you can. Tickets are $2. The winner will be broadcast/picked via internet video. We just want to be there for our Friends and let them know that they are not alone.

Anyone interested can contact: ravenschocolates@hotmail.com

Or visit www.youtube.com/ravenschocolates   which also has the facebook link in the information because it has a million numbers after it and you cant copy and paste to this forum without it crashing the comp down.

The paypal link can be requested by email. Well concealed cash if you wish to go that route. Check or money orders addressed to Chris.

Patience Benefit  P.O.Box 491  Leslie, Michigan 49251-0491

Thank you much and I hope a few can participate.


$635.00 raised for the family to close off the raffle.