Raising funds for type1 cause


My son (3rd grade) wants to raise some funds for JDRF.  Any ideas acceptable at school management is much appreciated.

thanks so much,

One way to raise funds for JDRF is through your local chapter of JDRF.  In my area, Seattle, we have an event called "Beat the Bridge" every May that has raised a substantial amount of funds.

It is a positive way to respond to Type 1 Diabetes!


He (with your help of course) can start a school walk team that participates in your local JDRF walk-a-thon.

Yea at my sisters school we sponsored a walk for diabetes around the school, and each kid had to raise at least 20 bucks. We asked each kid to get $1 from 20 ppl with a form they had to fill out. If kids raised more we had a contest where we got three big prizes donated. And the children that were the top 3  collectors got the prize. A sony PSP was the grand prize and two big baskets of toys. The next year the top grand prize was a Nintendo WII. It was really fun. If you want to do the work you can get any prizes donated and the money goes to the jdrf at the end.

How about something where for every fundraiser the school allows that has candy/cookies/bakesales, they ask people to match it with $1 for JDRF?