Random Highs

I usually supress my complaints about this, because I feel it's a bad way to solve the problem but over the past week it's just been ridiculous. I haven't gone a day with one one random high blood sugar. E.g., today, I was 90 before lunch, I have a wrap and sugar free drink, give myself the 4 units of insulin for the 40 grams of carbs and two hours later I'm 324. A similar phenomenon happened the night before when I was 108, had 25 grams of regular pop, bolused my 2.5, then one hour later was 270. During the week, this happened a few times as well. One night before dinner I was ~108, bolused 8 units for my veal sandwich (normally 8 units works fine) and two hours later I'm 300. The same thing happened the next day after lunch; I had half a veal sandwich (left over) but gave myself 6 units this time and 2 hours later WHAM 300 again. Does anyone have similar experiences / have a solution to this problem?? 

I have had the same problem many times before.....usually when it happens to me though its either because i am under more stress than usual or just didnt get enough exercise. I find that i have to exercise like crazy most days just to be around normal. If this happens more often maybe try a 1:15 ratio for the insulin to carbs instead of a 1:10.....it helps me when i have trouble controlling mine!!



Usually (not always) for me it is one of the following:


1.       Weird site = different basal, IC or both...  Change of site and life is back to normal – easy test and fix…

2.       Allergies – good meal at friends with cats – go figure, LOL – now I raise my basals before I visit and take an allergy tab

3.       Lower than normal activity level for the day – or really – two days in a row is the killer for me

4.       I’m getting sick – the best moment for these is when I have had sick co-workers and I still feel fine but all my IC’s and basals are goofy – then –WHAM – sick (I don’t catch stuff often but when I do – it often starts shortly after this sort of scenario)

5.       Anxiety reactions – also not a frequent item for me but often strikes when I have to go give blood and such (yes – I am STILL afraid of needles J )

6.     Cooked or otherwise damaged/expired insulin


Anyhow, these are the chief offenders in my world and none of them happen frequently enough to be part of my daily thought process but over the years they have definitely made it onto my little internal check-list (we all have one, right?!?!?)


These are the moments where it can be really frustrating trying to live life between the lines – hang in there!


Good luck and if you find something you think is an answer for you, let us know!!!





Thank you for the responses. I am fairly sure they were caused by anxiety, it's just frustrating that there is no clear-cut-logical way to deal with it. It is dependent on my thoughts rather than actions, which is annoying. But, I'm going to work on cutting down the anxiety.