Random question


 I accidently dropped my insulin pen in water (it was completely submerged). 

I discarded the needle, but I’m wary of using the pen bc I dont know if water can seep through.

Please lemme know what y’all suggest.
Thanks :blush:.

I would think they would be designed to protect against a certain amount of wear and tear, and any water entry would be minimal. If it were me I might shoot a few units of insulin into the air to get rid of any possible water them keep an eye on my numbers, but best check with the pros. Give your local pharmacy a call - I’m not a medical professional and am comfortable talking certain risks that may not be suitable for you.

@rootedinlove Hi Char, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

In my opinion, you don’t need to be worried about water seeping into your insulin pen. The rubber stopper at the end of a pen where you screw-on the needle is made to permit many punctures and closes itself when the needle hub is removed.

It would take many pounds of outside water pressure to get inside the pen.

The pens are waterproof. That’s how they keep the insulin (which consists of insulin protein molecules suspended in water) inside the pen. So it also does just as good a job of keeping water out.