Random sugar spikes

I've only been diagnosed a month and a bit ago and my blood sugars were starting to get under control (between 4 and 9 for the past 2 weeks), but for the past 4 days I have been getting really random and unexplainable spikes. For example, on Friday at lunch, I was at 6.8 before, then 2 hours afterwards I was at 8.4, then 8.9 3 hours after and then 5 hours after I was at 16.4. I can't explain it, I had nothing but black coffee in between that time. Nothing has changed. My meals are the same, my portions are the same, my insulin is the same and I still can't figure it out. Same thing happened last night for my snack. I was at 9.5 before hand, 2 hours later I was at 16.6. I ate the same thing I've been eating for the past month and normally its perfect. This is extremely frustrating and worrying. I will be seeing my doctor in a week but I still can't understand it.

Anyone have any ideas?

you may be coming out of that "honeymoon" phase which means you are going to require a little more insulin now. once your honeymoon phase ends, your pancrease has completely stopped producing its own insulin, so you will now need to inject more insulin for the same items. honeymoon phases can be incredibly unpredictable, meaning some days you'll need to take more insulin than others. the most important thing to do is to check often. you will start to get a feel for how your BGs react to different foods/situations, and then just when you get it figured out, D will throw you another curve ball.

you're doing a great job so far! just keep doing it and making tweaks when you notice changes in your patterns.

I hope I'm not coming out of my honeymoon, I've only been diagnosed 5 weeks ago and only had the symptoms for 3 weeks prior to that. I heard the honeymoon lasts from 12 to 18 months on average.

The length of the honeymoon really depends in the person, so it's something just to be aware of. I've heard people on here who never had one and people who had one for 3 years!

What insulin(s) are you taking, and what does your program look like?  When our son was first diagnosed a year ago, the hospital put him on RN/Lantus and a fixed meal plan.  When we switched to his Ped Endo, he was put on Humalog/Lantus, which was a MUCH better plan for him.  It took almost two months of adjusting his carb/insulin ratios and Lantus dose before he was consistently within his target BG. 

The thing about honeymoon phase is, it's inconsistent.  Your pancreas is spitting out insulin, but it's random amounts and at random times.  Just when you think you've got it figured out, it changes.  It's probably going to take fairly regular adjustments to keep your BG in range, so be patient and keep in touch with your endo team.

And, at this stage of the game, it may be helpful to keep track of things like exercise, stress, etc. that will effect your BG, along with your usual records.  Changes to schedule, types of exercise, sleep disturbances, etc. can effect BG as much as growth spurts in kids.  If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading "Think Like a Pancreas" to get a solid idea of how insulin treatment works with your body, and what can effect your BG.

Hang in there.