Random things I've learned while studying for the RD exam

You may or may not find anything in this forum interesting :o) I take the registration exam to be a dietitian in a few weeks, so I've been studying my butt off. I've come across some information that I found to be interesting (or just plain weird), so I thought I'd share. More to help me remember things than for any other reason :o)


The Federal Trade Comission (FTC) inspects fish sold for human consumption. They also investigate false ads and claims. I remember this by calling them the Fish Trade Commission.

The body needs at least 130g of carbohydrate daily because that is what's needed for the red blood cells to appropriately carry oxygen throughout the body.

Don't cook eggs in the oven. It deteriorates the quality. (Seriously, who does that anyway?)

UV rays (sunlight) destroy riboflavin and vitamin C. This is the reason milk is now in opaque containers instead of glass bottles.

Hyposmia <-- I cannot pronounce this word. It means "loss of smell"

Calcium does all sorts of stuff, outside of your bones. It also helps regulate the heartbeat.

If you get a question on the RD exam you can't figure out, the answer is probably vitamin B12 or Zinc because they seem to show up on all the flashcards.

If you have anemia, it's not just iron you need. You also need B12 (there it is again!), protein, and vitamin C.

Athletes do not have higher protein needs than a normal, healthy person.


I'm sure in the coming weeks there will be more. Thanks for listening :D

Good Luck with your exam....C....all of this stuff that you know seems very interesting!!!  Keep sharing if it helps you remember it!!!  Great study technique!  I use it with my sixth graders!!

When you eat food:

100% of carbohydrates are converted to glucose

50% of protein is converted to glucose

10% of fat is converted to glucose