Random Thought

I had an interesting thought today while driving to school for my last day of finals for the semester. I was kind of thinking about my year. I was diagnosed with type 1 almost a year ago (it will be a year in January). I was thinking about how much has changed in my life since being diagnosed and about how different even school has been this year. I was thinking about how I have to explain to people all the time about diabetes and what it is and how to treat it.

All of the sudden, this thought popped into my head that I will be using from now on when telling someone about having type 1 diabetes. I decided that I will no longer say that I am diabetic or that I have diabetes. From now on, I am going to tell people that I am living with type 1 diabetes.

After almost a year, I have realized that I am not the disease, nor does the disease define me. I'm living with it. I am alive :-)

....just a thought.


that's a pretty damn good thought, emily :o) thumbs up to you for being so encouraging about it! your point of view will help others out there struggling with diabetes. way to be!

This is a great idea and I totally agree...but WHOOO! finals!