Randomness hilariousness

having a bad day? need to laugh but you have no good reason(like me today)? this is the place! i am putting a ton of random funny stories here.

this is the most recent:

i was on alyssas page. i was going to press start a conversation. instead i pressed remove her as a friend. i found that hilarious. then i sent her another friend request and found that was hilarious too.

story #2:

i play on an english website where you raise horses. they have a few different language versios of it. when i was feeling very random i went and signed up for almost all the different languages, even the ones i dont understand. theres french(wich i speak fluently), spanish(i know only what alyssa taught me and what dora the explorer taught me but the website was easy enough to understand basic functiions), russian(all i know is grandma) and some other language)

story #3:

theres this guy at school. during lunch, me, him and some other friends were playing truth or dare(i was watching). someone dared him to go into the hallway up to a random person and hold his leg up and rub it saying : have you felt the veet lately(or whatever the commercial says). he did it and the person responded no i havent!


another truth or dare story but this is with a different guy during class time. they were playing spin the pen cap. he spun it and said whoever it lands on has to kiss me! it landed just beside one of my friends. so he said you have to kiss me now! she responded its not on me, its on him. the guy said ew! we are not playing this anymore!(the guy he would have had to kiss is often made fun of because he is fat)

thats all i can think of right now. ill add more later

Haha... Totally Funny :D

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