Rapid onset of neuropathy?

Hi all, I have had T1 for 33 years and have done really well until just recently. Mild kidney issues but not to the point of having to see a specialist yet, but my main issue is neuropathy. For the last few years I had a small patch along the side of my foot that would tingle a little but just once in a while. Suddenly a few months ago the tingling/numbness intensified to both feet and I felt an icy sensation in my hands at times, so they did some nerve conduction studies and the neurologist said it was probably a combination of carpel tunnel and diabetic neuropathy, and recommended the carpel tunnel surgery which I have scheduled in a few weeks.

But now these sensations have intensified and spread to both feet and legs, in my hands and forearms, and up above my knees at times. Occasional twinges of pain but mostly just the prickly tingling, at all times of day and pretty consistently. This is quite terrifying because of how it worsened so much in just a few short months. Is this normal for it to intensify this quickly? Would appreciate any advice.