Raw Diet

Has anyone tried the Raw Diet? I have a couple friends who think that it is something that I should try (as they now eat raw) I am kinda skeptical of it. I know I need to ask my Dr. at my next appointment but I was interested to see if anyone else has tried it, and if it has helped the diabetes at all?

It's actually pretty diabetes friendly because you eat a lot of veggies and nuts.  Makes it easy to carb count.

A friend has a thriving raw food business.  She has recipes and other info posted at http://rawintentions.com/     She teaches at Whole Foods, so you might check your local store and see if they offer similar classes. 

Not sure if I buy that raw food is nutritionally superior to cooked.  But eating raw does help you cut out junk food and most high fat and sugar stuff.  My friend is a great chef and loves spending the time preparing raw food.  But it requires a pretty serious time and money commitment to eat raw all the time.

Thanks for the info Jennagrant! I don't know if I could give up cooked food totally but I figured I could try some!! :)