Re: no appetite and stomach ach

hi, my son lately had no appetite and complained his stomach ach. His sugar has been fine. We are concern this is diabetes related complication. Anyone has experience about that?


Yes!  My daughter gets stomach aches too.  I've asked the doctor about it, but she said that it is not related to the diabetes.  I think it is.  The stomach aches seem to come and go.

have you had chance to ask the Endo, I emailed the nurse to run some tests but she said I have to talk to the endo. The appointment will not happens until the end of March.

My son was doing this also this morning. We just up'ed his Lantus to 5 units (hes 2yrs old) and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it as his numbers overall have dropped. I just emailed his doctor to ask if we should change it back to 4 1/2 units or his unit to carb ratio. He's done this twice before recently. I think it has to do with his diabetes also.

Insulin doesn't cause what your kids are experiencing.

Do your kids eat sugar free candy or gum?  Sorbitol and other aritificial sweetners can cause stomach aches and diarehea. Or your kids might just have a stomach ache, or some other non-diabetic health issue.  

The main stomach problem diabetics can get is gastroparesis, in which the nerves of the digestive system are damaged from high blood sugars and it causes the stomach to delay in emptying.  About 1/3 of diabetics experience stomach emptying that is "outside the normal range" but severe gastroparesis isn't super common and  is not usually seen until someone had been diabetic for decades.  They symptoms are bloating, vomiting, and low blood sugars after eating with unexpectedly high blood sugars hours later (when the stomach finally empties and glucose hits the blood stream).  

thanks Jen

that is very helpful information!

Is anyway to prevent it happening?

Just the usual advice to keep blood sugars as normal as possible.  High glucose makes blood physically thicker, so it damages those tiny arteries and vessels in the digestive system, eyes, and toes.

Frankly though, complications aren't fair and blood sugar isn't the only factor that causes complications like gastroparesis.  A lot of us have had less than ideal blood sugars for most of our lives and are complication free.  At some point you have to trust that you're doing your best and live your life.  If complications come, your son will deal with them.  But don't live in fear of something that may or may not happen.