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Hey y’all! I posted this last week and I’m posting it again… sorry for being so annoying :wink: but I am hoping to get a few more volunteers. Thank you SO much to the three amazing people who have already emailed me!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help! I’ll be reaching out to you over the next week with more info.

Hi everyone!
I’m involved in an advanced science research program at my high school in which each student picks a topic and does an in-depth project about it. I’ve chosen to do my project on T1D–more specifically, on the connection between salivary pH and blood glucose levels.
As part of my project, I’m hoping to find several volunteers who can participate (super easy, you just have to record some basic data and email it to me). If my hypothesis is correct, it could be important for the future of blood glucose testing. :slight_smile:
If you’re interested, please email me at so I can give you all the details! Thank you so much, your help is essential for making this project work.
–Abigael Parrish :two_hearts:


Where would you be, where would all of us be now if it wasn’t for the many, many volunteers over the years who sacrificed time, talent and bodies so that people with diabetes could live relative with ease and actually survive for more than a handful of years after diagnose.

I will not try to count for you the number of “experiments” for which I volunteered over the past 60 years while fully living with diabetes, but I will share one. A full 40 - 60% of those reading this right now would probably not be seeing this page if not for a group who volunteered over 50 years ago to have a weapons grade ruby laser shot into our eyes.

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I’m sorry, I just saw this now! If you still need volunteers i am more than willing to help out! :relaxed:

Hailey thank you so much, I could absolutely use your help!!! Do you mind sending me an email at so I can give you the details? :smile: