Reaction to the Enlite sensor 'tape'

Hey, so I’ve been using the Enlite Sensor since about October 2014. I had never had a reaction to the tape until these past two times. When I took the tape off it looked like I had scratched through the tape , but the tape had no holes or blood on it. Anyone else have this problem?

I have not had this problem, have you called the Medtronic helpline? I am sure they have information, or can direct you to the appropriate resource.

I had the same problem and they make wipes from medtronics called Bard Barrier wipes that my dr. suggeted and another trick is to get a prescription from your doctor called flonase. This is a liuid that people use for allegies, but if you put this on the site 10 minutes before you add the sensor with the tape it helps alot. I hope this helps.