Read A1c

How do I read A1c on Receiver

Hi @kabir14 and welcome to TypeOneNation. It would help us understand if you are talking about G6 or other receivers, or other CGM systems. So if you can elaborate it would help.

In case it’s Dex, For Dexcom, it might calculate hba1c but the company did not validate that as a clinical result so you need a blood test for an actual reading.

@joe is correct. You cannot read an A1c from any of the Dexcom recievers, integrated pumps, or phone apps. However, on the DexCom Clarity site there is a value called GMI, or Glucose Management Indicator, which approximates a laboratory A1c.

You may wish to tease this out. Keep us informed about what you learn. Your sharing is how the rest of us learn…

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