Reader's Digest claims to "Reverse Diabetes"

The May issue of Reader's Digest magazine is touting an upcoming issue titled "Reversing Diabetes". As we all know, this simply isn't true or possible - for type 1 OR for type 2. While the symptoms of diabetes may be controlled or "reversed" (high blood sugars), the disease itself isn't reversible. It's false advertising. It's perpetuating the misconceptions the general public has about diabetes. And it ticks me off.

If you want to write an email to the magazine to let them know how you feel about this, their address is I wrote them an email last night, and also did a lengthy letter to them on my blog. (


Here's the picture I took of the ad itself:

"...back when glucose meters were bigger than Kanye West's ego and the coolest way to carry your insulin and syringes around was in a fanny pack"

You are awesome!!!

This infuriated me on several levels. Obviously because my daughter is type 1, but also my sister-in-law and brother-in-law both have type 2 diabetes. Both of them are unusual in that they eat right and exercise, and aren't excessively overweight (my brother in law rides literally 100 miles a week on his bike and is training for tour de cure) - and they both still require medication to keep their blood sugar in check. My grandfather and his parents were similar, had what I guess I'd term "stubborn" type 2 - no amount of lifestyle changes "reverse" it.

I also wrote a letter and blog post:

When I see articles like this it always shocks me that professional writers and the publication staff do such poor jobs researching and fact checking what they print. 

No wonder there is so much misinformation about diabetes in the world.  Think RD should hire you Kim to be their diabetes freelance writer.  You have a great writing style and would do a good job.

I sent them an email after reading this. Stuff like this drives me totally crazy.

Thanks for getting involved and using your voice, all. Little ripples can add up to big waves, as the saying goes.

And thanks, Jenna! I fear I might be too sassy for RD, but that would make a pretty cool gig, I suspect. :)

I sent them an email too, we need to let them know how this affects our lives.  Thank you Kim for your wonderful response!  I agree with Jenna, you should be on RD's staff...they would be lucky to have you!

God this makes me mad! I am soooo tired of people telling me this. I just want to look at them and say, "You know for somebody so intelligent, you're an idiot!" I wish people would just leave it alone and find a cure already. Sorry for the lack of patience in this post, but I have been at the doctors all day, so I am a little peeved from being poked and prodded all day. I love, love, love my Juvenation family because instead of just talking about problems and never taking action, we take action and speak up for ourselves. Yay T1D's! We are awesome!


I've been going through the menus on my Ping looking for the "reverse diabetes" button but I don't see it.  Also, just got back from CVS Pharmacy, I asked about the "reversing diabetes" products.  The guy in front of me in line got the the last one.  Just my luck.  When I asked about getting more in, it seems as though  there is a delay in manufacturing due to the tsunami in Japan.  ;-)


P.S. I do hope RD will be compasionate enough to at the very least change the wording they choose.




I LOVED your response!!!! These articles make me SOO mad!!

[quote user="Jason"]


I've been going through the menus on my Ping looking for the "reverse diabetes" button but I don't see it. 


LOL! Mine Ping is defective like that, too.

48 hours and no response from them, yet.  :-/

so, um, epic fail on RD's behalf. kim and i have heard nothing. and check it out:

watch out- it may make your blood boil...

Thank you Kim for writing the letter with such powerful words I wish I would have composed myself. You're such an inspiration!  Not only did they get their "facts" wrong but they don't even mention Type 1 or Type 2 or who this supposed "cure" is intended to help.

here's my follow-up post:

Obviously this is geared towards the type 2 diabetics that are 90% of the diagnosed diabetic cases. The thing us type 1's need to remember is that we are very educated on our disease because we have to be. It is very different for type 2's. I know some type 2 diabetics that complain about not being taught anything about their disease after they were diagnosed. Their only form of information sometimes comes from places like this RD special, which I've read. They put out information that is easily accessible to people that need it with attention grabbing headlines that get them to pick up the booklet and read it. The flaw is not with RD or anyone like them that are getting this information out to type 2 diabetics, but with the doctors and diabetes "specialists" that don't provide patients with the information they have a right to and should know to take care of their health. Obviously this booklet was not meant for us type 1 diabetics. But it has good information in it for type 2 diabetics and is a good thing. It is not a bad thing. I personaly think it's great that they are getting this information out to type 2 diabetics that want to learn about their disease and how to control it and aren't getting that information from our health care system. I don't understand why people are so against it. It's obviously not made for type 1 diabetics, we know this, so why get angry? This was created to get information out to a public that needs it. Educating people about a disease, even if it's not about our form of that disease, is a good thing.

I think the problem is that they don't specify that they are gearing this article toward Type2 diabetics. They don't even mention that there are two kinds and what the basic difference is. Even if this article is meant for T2 the bigger issue is that the general population is reading this article--People who may or may not be diabetic. People who are not diabetic and don't know much about it, are now under the impression that their information is correct and makes wide generalizations about diabetes which includes T1. People are misunderstanding that this disease (especially for T1) has no chance of reversal something that was previously indicated by their title and subtext.

I wrote a second response, to the comment that Reader's Digest left on another blog. Even though they know they aren't actually "reversing diabetes" for anyone, they're continuing to use the term.

The saga continues.

Anyone with a disease has a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY to get information to better control and treat their condition.  It is not the responsibility of the health care providers to educate the patient.  To aquire a Drivers Licence you must study traffic laws and take a test.  To provide information to some one who does not care to learn is a waste of resources which drive up the cost of healthcare for all.  There is a wealth of information both on the web and at the doctor's office,  the patient should be encouraged to learn but let us not waste resources on those who are not willing to take the time to even read about their condition on their own.  My own mother is a good example, she is retired, overweight, type 2 diabetic,with free classes offered thru the VA and does not take advantage of what is available.  ARRRGH!!!