Ready For A Pump! (yay!)

Hey, Juvenation Friends!

I've been absent for a while.  Took some time off to focus on making our family life "normal" after William's dx 5/13/09.  I mean, not "normal" in the sense of "as normal as can be expected with a child who has T1", but actually, really, "normal".  Or, at least as normal as our family dynamic will allow :)  Anyway, we made it through the holidays.  I made it through the most horrible depression I've ever experienced, and have embarked on a serious exercise and personal renovation routine, and our little family is doing great.  I've been trying to check in more frequently with Juvenation to see what's going on, and particularly trying to chime in more often on the Parent's forum.  I have really missed my Juvenator friends, the people who were so gracious and giving of their time and experience during the most difficult times for me and our family.  I hope to return the favor in the very new future, and beyond.  :)

So, on to the good news!  After a "false start" last year, William (8) has decided he wants an insulin pump.  He was all charged up and ready to ask his ped endo for a pump on Friday (yesterday), and even had me tape the old dummy Pod back onto his leg for three days, but his appointment was cancelled because of the snow/ice here in Atlanta.  He was genuinely upset when I told him he wasn't going to see Dr. A that day, but is still determined to get his pump ASAP.  What a relief that will be! :)

Doin' the "happy dance".....we gonna get a pump!.....we gonna get a pump!....we gonna get a pump!... :)

Miss you all!


That's great! I'm sure the switch will go better b/c he thinks it's his idea and is actually excited about it. (: lol.

Hope you're feeling better yourself. Welcome back!

Thank you, Sarah!  Your beautiful pic is one I'd been missing :)



Hi Mo, Welcome back ;) I think it is great your son is excited about the pod.I will have to follow your blog and learn about it more.Best Wishes ! :)