REALLY annoyed with the school nurse

So, Gavi has been on MDI for just over a week now, and today was the 4th school day with shots. Obviously, since this is still pretty new to us, we're nervous about anyone but us giving him shots, our families have yet to give any to him. When I spoke with the nurse yesterday, she said don't hesitate to ask any questions, today was supposed to be the first day she would give him a shot. I had some more questions so I called her this morning and spoke with her. She then said it would be best if my husband came to give him the shot, so he had to leave work to give him his shot. He doesn't work too far from the school, so it's not too bad. I arrived a few minutes early to pick up my kids so I can speak with her to see why she changed ehr mind. She said since I was asking so many questions and since she doesn't work directly for the school (my kids go to a yeshiva, a jewish day school, and I think she is sent to the school by the county) she is not allowed to give meds to kids who are not in kindergarten or up (he is in pre-k) and if something happened she can get in trouble. So now my husband needs to leave work every day around Gavi's lunch time because the nurse changed her mind and won't give him his shot. Obviously he will if there is nobody else, but it can be tough for him to leave that time every day. I am so annoyed right now. I sent an e-mail to the principal explaining what happened and to see if anyone else would be able to give him his shot. The gym teacher is an RN, and one teacher in the school has 2 daughters with type 1 so I plan on asking them if it's possible for them to give it to him before lunch.


Does anyone else with pre-school age type 1's have a problem with someone in daycare/school giving shots? What did you do? Legally the nurse will be allowed to give him shots starting in September when he starts kindergarten but until then she can't.

I don't know how much i can be i want to school but never had a nurse. So I think my mom would come in to the school to give me my shot.  Hope you find someone. I send my hugs your way.

we had problems w/our daycare/preschool. They would not accept him back because of insurance risks.  After checking w/numerous providers and having the same problem, my mother moved in to help for awhile, then we moved closer to them  and now my son in is Kindergarten and our school nurse is amazing, don't know what I would do w/out her.  But those first couple years were horrible trying to find someone.  He did restart in a new preschool in the new location and she just had to check his bloodsugar before snack time was all and after his first year she said she could not take him back the next year because it stressed her out to much.  So I understand your fustration! I hope someone else at the school is willing to help out.  I would thnk if  you signed a form stating the nurse could give your son his shots that she would be allowed to.  Hope it works out for you.