Really nervous!

hi guys! =)

so tomorrow i'm getting a gastrointestinal scope, where they put a tube down your throat and into your stomach and intestine area to look at it. it's because i've been having bad stomach problems for a long time and they want to make sure there's nothing really wrong. i'm soooo nervous and scared!! i hate the though of gagging :( has anyone ever gotten one or knows about it? i just need some support because i'm freaking out just a little. thanks!

You should be able to be asleep for that. I had it done a few years ago and they gave me a light anesthetic that knocked me out but only lightly.

I didn't feel a thing. You wake up about 15 minutes  after its over. You will need to go home and sleep. I didn't remember anything about the trip home or even after I got home. Went to bed and slept a few hours.


Make sure they are putting you to sleep.

yeah i heard they don't really put you asleep completely, but i heard you fall asleep.

Have you checked w/ your endo re: insulin doses if you'll be asleep? Mine changed when I had that done.

Im sure you'll do fine!!

i've had 4. what they give you is called "conscious sedation" where they give you drugs so you are awake, but you won't feel or remember anything. this is they don't have to completely knock you out with anesthesia. for me, i'm allergic to conscious sedation drugs (found that one out the hard way) so i always have to be completely knocked out.

you won't gag, and you'll have absolutely no idea what's going on. you won't remember a damn thing. you'll probably have a sore throat for a day or two, but if you drink plenty of liquids you'll be just fine. i always sleep quite a bit after mine are done too.