Really really rough week

So this week has been pretty tough for me.  I have type 1 diabetes but I was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy in December.  After being out of work for 5 months and not being able to drive I was finally able to go back to work and drive starting in May.  However, I was always a little worried that I would have a seizure while I was driving.  Well, unfortunately this Wednesday that came true.  While I was driving home from work I had a grand mal seizure.  I ended up side swiping another car and then veered off of the road.  Luckily nobody was hurt, it could've been alot worse but it definitely scared me.  I'm now back where I was 5 months ago.  I can't drive.  Although my doctor said I can continue to work I now have no way of getting there.  I'm also now having to take yet another medication to see if this medication will help with the seizures.  I just feel so helpless.  At least with diabetes I feel like I have some control over the disease but with epilepsy I feel like I have no control what so ever.  Also this weekend is Father's Day which is hard for me because my father passed away almost 10 years ago so I'm just feeling really down and alone right now.  I keep telling myself that it could be worse and that there are people out there that have it worse then me and that I will get through this but its just been really really hard this week. 

I know that it is a common thing for people to say "So many other people have it worse, you should be greatful for what you have!" But I don't really believe in that so much. You had a rough week for sure, I can't imagine how tough that was for you. Not to mention how scared you must have been.

It's normal and healthy to feel bad every now and then, to realize that you have challenges and that they are difficult. But always remember the things that you can do and enjoy doing, that should make you smile. Sometimes beginning a new hobby can take your mind off of other things too.

Try not to compare yourself to others, just look at the troubles you face and understand that they are difficult, but you also have really positive things to cherish as well.

When all else fails, smile! It's free, easy to do, and fun!

Sorry to hear about your rough week Amy. When I have a rough time I always tell myself, "this too will pass." I also stop what I'm doing and take time every day to admire something beautiful. The other day I watched as a mother hen hopped up on to some lower branches of a shrub and was calling her chicks to try to jumb up onto them. Several made it. Two little guys just weren't strong enough yet.

Today, I was at Kaiser getting some Novolog. In front of me was a little old lady in a wheelchair picking up her prescripion. She needed lots of help with her wallet and then she wanted the lady helping her to call for a bus to come pick her up. And by the way could you take the time to push me to the front of the hospital where the bus will meet me. All the time the young lady had a positive attitude, smiling, and "yes, Mrs R. I will be happy to take care of you." I smiled because people are in such a hurry, and they're not enjoying life like they should...take the time to find something to admire today. It's hard to feel sad when you are smiling!


Hi Amy,

Sorry to hear about your epilepsy on top of Type 1...what a rotten hand of cards, huh? I was inspired to write you because I have a potential solution. Have you ever thought of getting a service dog? I sit here next to my Great Dane as I write -- who is not a service dog but who is a constant companion -- and as a dog lover, I know I would appreciate the assistance of a dog who could alert me to my lows. With your epilepsy, the dog could do double duty: alert for BGs and seizures. The dog could tell you when to get off the road for a seizure -- they often know a few minutes if not ten minutes ahead of time.

I don't have any words of wisdom other than feel free to let out a scream at the unfairness -- sometimes it helps to get the anger out. Another word of wisdom: don't scream with your windows open. Neighbors tend to think you're crazy ;-)

Sorry about your seizure.  That had to be so scary but I'm glad you're okay and no one was hurt.  Even if you can't work right now, see if there is someplace within walking distance where you can volunteer or  take a class.  You are a valuable person and even with your current limitations you can do a lot of good things in the world.  

Take care.


Hi Amy, I am very sorry to hear about your seizure and what you're going through.  Unlike Mark, I do find that counting your blessings and understanding that it could worse to be a help.  However, what you're been going sounds hard.  I can also relate you because my son, Nick died 10 years ago on 6/24 and that had it's hard moments.  Not sure what else to say other than keep you head up and hopefully things will get better.