Really want a baby

I really want to have a baby, but being a diabetic is not easy. Now is the time because my sugar is under control, but now hubby doesn't seem to be that interested in having a baby. He says he wants but doesn't show, I told him that if we want a baby we need to have sex everyday, but I hate to have to initiate things. Dont know what to do.

There are also ovulation tests you can take, similar to pregnancy tests, so that you'll know when you're ovulating so you won't have to try to have sex every day. Some doctor's actually suggest skipping a few days, or even a couple weeks, before you ovulate so that your husband will have a lot of semen saved up (as long as there's no masturbating beforehand).

If you and your hubby live by yourselves, you can also do what I like to do when I want sex but don't want to initiate- just strip down and walk in front of him! lol It's still sort of initiating, but it doesn't feel like it quite as much, and for us anyway, as soon as he sees me, he forgets about everything else and comes after me!

Just be sure to make yourself attractive- do your hair how he likes, dress in clothes he likes (or like I said, skip the clothes altogether!), act sexy, if he likes a certain perfume, use it.

Be sure to let him know that you want his body too- and not just his baby! Make sure he pleases you regularly and often too, so that he knows you want sex for fun too, not just for a baby.

That's my two cents anyway. Good luck!

Go to and look up their ovulation predictor and get some ovulation tests like KatherineW suggested. I know men supposedly love sex but, holy crap, everyday is kind of asking a little too much! Whew!! haahaha But, seriously, try out the ovlulation calculator....worked like a charm for me!