I got the kids on CHP+ which is the state ran medical insurance here in CO. Anyhow yesterday I picked up a refill for Rileys pen tips. I dropped off the rx for her novolog pens and guess what? CHP+ wont cover the pens!!! How are you going to cover the needle part but not the medication part of a rx? All I can say is WOW. The pharmacy lady sent a preauth form to the lady we have not seen since February hopefully she will fill it out and they approve the pens. I am mad because the school will not do insulin from a vial only pens. grr Riley is has been using the pens all summer herself but she wont touch the vial and syringes. grr again. 

Hi Jessica,

I did notice when I picked up Sarah's pens last week that the things are expensive! So I'm not totally surprised that some insurance companies won't cover them - though as they make dosing more accurate, you would think they would want to limit their liability. I sure appreciate not having to carry syringes everywhere. People aren't so weird when I pull out one of those pen tips, probably because they've never seen one before.

I am surprised that Riley's school won't let her use a vial. What's up with that? Can they actually require you to have an insulin pen? That seems insane. Sarah used a vial after she was diagnosed in March through the end of the school year because she wasn't comfortable giving her own injections with the pen - and they had no problem with it at all.

Question, have you set Riley up on a 504 plan? Sarah's school has been very accomodating, but I'm thinking it might still be a good idea. My only real issue with the school now is their inflexibility with her dosing - but they're good in every other respect.

Hope you can get those pens authorized!


The nurse at her school is a devil woman and will not train anyone on the use of vials and syringes. Not that she has trained anyone on the use of pens either. We have a joke of a 504 plan that we came to no agreements on last year. I got permissions from the principle who is not returning this year so we shall see where we are on that. I didnt have it in me to fight it last year because at the same time I was trying to deal with all of this my son started having a months worth of gran mal seizures. It was all just to much.  Tho they will get away with nothing this year because I will bring a lawyer into it and a major law suit against the nurse who wont do her job and the school district.