Rebounds )-:

I know people have mentioned this on here before, so I know I'm not the only person who goes low, eats the entire kitchen and rebounds to 220!

I was just 36 (ack!!) and preceded to eat waaay too much, so I'm so worried to test in an hour. What do people do to stop themselves from eating too much when they're low? When I'm low, I feel so hungry and not too with it, so I'm on autopilot... Even if I take one juice box, in my hazy thinking, I'm always like, "Hmmm, another juice box sounds perfect right about now"

Just grab one, and remove yourself from the kitchen.  Bring a bag of carrots with you.  I find just eating ANYTHING makes me feel better.  Or call a friend.  Yup you might be a total idiot while talking, but hey it keeps your mind of getting up and eating more.

Hey, Sarah... sometimes when we are really low (like 36) we tend to "over do it".  I have found drinking 8oz of Mt Dew seems to do the trick within 3-5 minutes.  After 32 years of figuring out what works best...this seems to be it.  I think it may have something to do with the caffine in it.  I have tried everything from other sodas, juice, tablets, candy, you name it.  Mt. Dew is the winner by far!  Try it next time...maybe you'll find yourself eating less and not rebounding so bad.  Oh.. and just drink the soda..don't eat.  Dietician says sugar is absorbed last in the list of things we eat... so if you wait a little bit before you eat, it will work faster.  I tried that too.. and it works!  Good luck!

I have actually given myself a little insulin while I am low so that I can eat more than I need to bring my blood sugar up to where it needs to be. You have to keep in mind though that my lowest blood sugar so far has been 56... I was still able to make a conscious disicion as to what to do. It has worked for me, I usually dont end up with crazy numbers afterwards.

Before I started using a pump, if my sugar dropped below 100 I would have to drink 2-3 cans of soda just to get it back up above 100. 


Now that I am using a pump, all of that has changed!  I can't seem to get those 'lows2highs' under control either...I certainly do not drop down as low as I did without the pump so I understand that I need to use less sugar now...but sometimes when I use less, after 15 minutes my sugar goes down.  So I drink an entire soda and it shoots up to 200!  I'm wondering if I should try something with much less sugar, like juice...

It's very frustrating! It's been a strugle for me too!  :o)


I do the same thing. If I notice that I just ate everything and the kitchen sink I will take a unit or two to cover for my gluttony. Usually keeps me in range still.

hey sarah! i eat too much when im low too. when i finally raise after being 50 or so, im usually around 300.

i like the idea of calling up a friend. even though you may sound and act like your drunk. haha! i cant help but laugh at that sugestion. i get all loopy and crazy when im low so if i do call anyone, its my mom or lucy(my best friend who knows what im like when im low).


rebounding to 220...jeez i wish. i rebound at about 400+ 

 i get so paranoid when i get low and start having panic attacks...that i eat about 10 starbursts with some form of sugary juice. id rather be over than under


if my blood sugar is low and it's not nailed down, it will go in my belly.

i (like so many others on here) started taking insulin for anything over 30 carbs. i rarely get low anymore, but i feel panicky when i do, so tend to overtreat as well. it's REALLY hard to stop yourself when you feel like you might die if you DON'T eat that entire bag of skittles.

skittles bleh..i can eat a million of those. starbursts take some time to chew. i have no patience when it comes  to sugar. I like to devour.

i hate whole thing is how long to wait to bolus after eating? i feel like if i'm low...and then i eat...and then i bolus...i'll be right back to being low. its a little frustrating to say the least...

I hate being someone's rebound...oh yeah I mean, my doctor said that it's better to go high after a really low low because the glucose will build back up in your kidneys. For example, when I was first diagnosed and getting used to my ratios and still on Lantus, I would have lows that were in the 30's constantly. But then I would test a couple hours later (without correcting, mind you) and be fine. The reason (at least from what I remember) is because our kidneys will store glucose for use in an "emergency" like that and will automatically put it into your system. If you're low and go high after, it is ok for that purpose...just don't run into the 500's or anything

Pat - I believe your liver stores the glucose, not your kidneys. :) But other than that, I think you're right. Can you explain more though on your BG's in the 30s - did you really not eat anything to treat them? Or would you overtreat and then not bolus for the 'extra' carbs?