Recall on lot 8

I was having alot of problems with high blood sugars for no reason. Then all of a sudden I had 5 extremely low blood sugars where I needed

paramedics called within one week.  I called to ask mini med if there was something wrong with my pump.  They told me that something with the

battery didn't seem right and they wanted to send me a new one (next day).  After I recieved my new pump it still took me about 2 weeks before

I started to use it because I was scared to death of having another low blood sugar. I started looking on the internet and I saw the recall of the lot

8 infusion sets. I checked and I had 6 full boxes and a half of another lot 8.  I never received a letter a phone call or anything about the recall from

mini med.  And I am furious this was a matter of life and death and not just mine but others.  Because one of the times that my blood sugar dropped

I was driving and had no clue.  I finally pulled over after two police officers chased me for about 5 miles.  They thought I was driving drunk.  I was lucky

that one of the cops had two daughters that had juvenile diabetes.  When the paramedics arrived my blood sugar was 26.  I don't know what I would

of done if I had hurt someone or even killed them while I was driving.  I was so upset and depressed about the whole situation.  But, I would love to

know why they did not send out notification of the recall to me? I am also wondering if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them over the


That happened to me to. Exept my blood sugars went high and I ended up in DKA thankfully I was able to get myself out with out having to go to the ER. Its a scary thing to have happen to you

did they send you a letter or call you and tell you about the recall????

They sent me a letter

They sent me a letter