Recent Diabetes News Headlines: Fired Teacher Says Diabetic Episode Mistaken as ‘Sex Romp’

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Its been a while since I posted some Diabetes News Hound headlines in here. We've had a lot of really interesting stories. If you would like to get complete editions of Diabetes News Hound delivered directly to your Inbox, you can sign up for free here.


Fired Teacher Says Diabetic Episode Mistaken as ‘Sex Romp’

Diabetic Man Claims Hypoglycemic Event to Try to Fool Cops

Hypoglycemia a Factor in High-Speed Colorado Police Chase

Kids With Chronic Illnesses Earn Less as Adults: Study

Residue on Fingers Can Lead to Errant Blood Sugar Readings

Elevated Blood Sugars OK During Hospital Stays: Physicians Group

Doc Group’s Call For High Blood Sugars in Hospitals Irresponsible: Guest Columnist


Animas Recalls Insulin Pump Cartridges

Update on Dr. Faustman’s Type 1 Diabetes ‘Cure’ Research

Doctors Often Miss Early Warnings of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

Common Cold Virus Linked to Type 1 Diabetes: Study

Updated School Guidelines for Diabetic Kids and Staffers

What Causes Type 1 Diabetes?

JDRF-Eli Lilly Partner on Regenerative Research

Mom Charged in Diabetic Son’s Death After Relying Fully on Faith


sounds a wee bit strange to me. hard to tell who's telling the truth. there's no real way to draw an accurate conclusion without hearing more from each party. 

I have seen a few of these stories. Thanks for the list!












Who knows who's telling the truth now. we live in quite a crazy world

LOL! Love that first one. I often treat lows while naked, ha, ha.

I really don't know if it's smart to fire people based only on second-hand information, unless there was already evidence of similar problems in the past.

I think it's especially wrong to publicly say why they were fired when it's based on second hand information.  In fact, on that note, I think they're completely justified in suing.

The first story read like it was out of The Onion.

I am not going to lie, I have certainly used diabetes before as an excuse to get myself out of less than desirable situations. That being said, this firing seems to have no merit. The only proof is that of a janitor who claims to have seen two women in an intimate moment. Personally, I know that one of my symptoms of low BS is a change in temp. I find it very plausible to take off a sweater. I really can imagine a janitor walking by a classroom where one female is taking off another female's sweater and his imagination going a little wild. Diabetes or not, I have to agree with Elizabeth that it is not so wise to fire people based on second hand information.