Recently Diagnosed Type 1

Hey Everyone!
I was just recently diagnosed Type 1 after my bloodwork came back positive and I am having a difficult time processing everything. Back in March I was admitted to the ICU for a few days with DKA. I had gestational diabetes and delivered a healthy baby boy in October of 2015, my sugars returned to normal and then somewhere along the lines my pancreas quit on me. I was told I would be on insulin for life and I am just having a hard time accepting things. I know eventually I will but I think the whole thing kind of scares me. I have had a few hypoglycemic occurrences and I worry about being by myself or even with my son alone :frowning: How did everyone else deal with this?

Dexcom will be a lifeline. Get your endocrinologist to prescribe it.

Sorry mama… it is tough. But a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) will help.
There are also a lot of Facebook groups to help.

Do you think a medical ID is necessary? Like a bracelet or something? My family is insistent upon it and I’m not so sure.

Yes definitely on the medical alert. If you’re ever in some sort of accident first thing the emt will do is start an iv often times with dextrose for shock… Also, if you ever pass out it’s nice for them not to have to play the guessing game of why :slight_smile:

Thank you both ! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

In September 1991 I delivered my first healthy baby boy after having gestational diabetes (I injected insulin through my pregnancy). In May 1992, when he was almost 8 months old, I passed out and was rushed to the hospital, where I received my type 1 diagnosis. So believe me, I know the shock of being a new parent, with a new disease.

What helped the most (and this was even when my marriage was ending), was looking at my beautiful baby, and reveling in the fact that my body created this wondrous being! Yes, it was betraying me with this disease, but it also provided me with my son!

My dedication to my health began the moment I discovered I was pregnant (it’s easy to take good care of yourself when someone’s life is depending on you, right?). Upon my diagnosis, my health consciousness gained intensity. After all, now I had this little baby to raise by myself, and I fully intended (and intend!) to see him grow up.

The hardest thing was sometimes having to put my needs before his. He could be crying for me but if my blood sugar was too low to risk carrying him, I sometimes had to treat first and soothe him while he was in his crib. Putting yourself first isn’t necessarily second-nature, but it’s imperative that you’re in a safe physical place before you risk your child’s safety.

Things do improve as you become more adept at your own care. I didn’t start pumping until my boys were older. I managed my blood sugar aggressively with injections and a very low carb diet. I started pumping, which further increased my control, and two years ago added a CGMS which I’d never want to be without now.

I still maintain a very low carb diet, my A1C has always been below 6 (it’s 5.4 now), and I’m free of complications. I guess it helps that I’ve got a type A personality, and see this whole diabetes thing as an incredible science experiment. I count myself lucky to have it, as I’ve certainly taken better care of my health and wellbeing had I not been diagnosed.

You can do this, and it will get easier. Hugs to you!

I can honestly say that I can relate to your comment…yes my body is betraying me with this disease but it gave me my beautiful little boy! The hardest thing right now is trying to take care of myself and him. I have to remember to have a snack on hand just incase. I would eventually love to have more children, just in the process of working on my hba1c down and getting myself back to somewhat of a normal state. At least the new normal anyway. I’ve been doing low carb with multiple injections a day, my doctor is trying to get me on the pump just not really sure if its a good idea or not yet.Did you have anymore children? Thank you so much for your encouragement, it really helps to know that others are going through/have gone through this whole new life change as well.