Recently switched to multiple daily injections

We recently switched from almost 2 years on 70/30 2 shots a day to atleast 4 shots a day.  My son is on Novalog and takes Lantus at bedtime. We are having a hard time getting used to this new program. He never really minded the 2 shots a day and never really fussed. Now that we are on this regimen he absolutely HATES having diabetes and if he could he would just not eat just to avoid having a shot.  I really havent seen a change in his numbers and that was really the reason his doctors took him off the 70/30 because he would be high in the morning and then pretty much high all day long. I would appreciate any suggestions from other parents that went through the change of different  regimens and what they have found to be helpful,

You get better control with multiple daily injections, but the payoff has to be worth it.  If it's not working for your son you may consider switching back to the 2 shots a day.  It's important to find a treatment that works for him.  

Another option might be to try an iPort injection port.  It's a little catheter that stays in the skin for a few days and all injections are given through it.

Have you considered a pump?  Gives much better control than injections and you only have to change the infusion site once every 3 days.  


How old is your son?  William was dx just before his 8th birthday, and we've done MDI's since his dx, and some days he'll take up to 6 injections (Humalog/Lantus).  We quickly found that he was much less resistant to injections if #1 he gave them to himself instead of me doing it and #2 he uses the InjectEase device.  I can't tell you how much easier it is to do injections with the device.  Our first one broke and it took a few days to get a new one.  William refused to do his own shots for those days, and it took all my gumption to stick him with the bald needle!

MDI is definitely more work, and you probably will have to test more frequently, but it gives you better control of BG.  You can easily adjust insulin amounts based on how the body is using insulin during different parts of the day, and give corrections as often as needed.  A pump can also give you better control, though it did not work well for our son.  



Jenna yea we have considered the pump but our doctor says we have to be on MDI for atleast 6 months before he will put Da' Sean on the pump.  He is getting better about the shots and he does like the fact he can sleep in on the weekends!!!

Mo  My son is 8 years old he was diagnosed 2 years ago yesterday.  I have not heard of that device you are talking about but right now I give my son all of his injections and then my dad helps me out if I can't be there.  It definately is more work with this regimen but I do like the flexibility of not having to eat at a certain time or waiting 30 min. to eat and my son does like the fact that he doesn't have to wait to eat.

Here's a link for the Inject Ease: