Recipe Websites I like

I will add to this list as I find great recipe websites!

Lettuce be happy and healthy - This healthy living blog is written by a friend of mine Lauren, who was actually diagnosed with T1D at the same time as me. She provides great healthy living tips and recipes. Check her out!

SkinnyTaste - I just found this today and I am already in love! She provides a lot of low fat recipes that are super easy to make! It also looks like all of these recipes would be great for blood sugar management!

Healthy Food, Happy Family - This blog was created by a mom of 2 mom makes most of her foods from RAW food. She makes food recipes that are creative and fun to eat and healthy most of all! Who doesn’t want to eat and have fun right?


These are super helpful! I’m sure some people can relate to a student like me living on my own, that it can be hard to find things to cook up, let alone healthy things. I will definitely be using these sites more often. Thank you!!

@Gina, great idea! I love Skinny Taste and I had never seen it before, until today!

Another favorite of mine is Foodie Fiasco (

Thanks for this post!


I was looking at the feature article in Diabetes Forecast magazine and came across the diet program on this website:
It is designed as a lifestyle and diet program to help with glucose control. The recipes are a lot lighter on the carbs than I usually make, but they look like satisfying portions. They also sell shakes, bars and glucose gels to help with losing weight (similar to Slim Fast).

Oh that site looks really great too! Thank you I will add it to the list!!

I had no idea that site existed! I knew they made glucose gel because I have had it before. (Which I am not fond of btw, have you ever tasted it, Yuckie LOL)

Thank you both for great suggestions!

i was wondering how do you guys feel about using nutella with peanut butter when your sugar is low?


I would not use it to treat a low blood sugar I find that glucose works the best, but, if you wanted to eat it as a snack go for it!

I was wondering because it taste so good but there is 21 grams of carbs in 2 tablespoons


In my personal experience glucose has always been the best and fastest way to treat a low blood sugar. You should talk to your endo or CDE about options of treating low blood sugars.

Too much fat in peanut butter - although good … it’s kinda like cheating. If you are getting an insuling reaction trat with glucose. If you want a dessert, eat it and bolus.

I have been a chef for over 35 years - both working as a chef and consulting iin menu development. Many books are stil out there for diabetics – and they are bunch of crap!

Being a student, family, frequent traveler, or what ever, eat SMART - test often. Learn some BASIC STEPS on how to cook.


There is no diabetic diet - avoid use of high sugar content items and white anything (bread, rice) etc., eat high fiber - beans,oat bran, lean meats, vegetables.

Just google the web for what you’re in the ood for and you’ll find great recipies!


That is soooo cool that you are a chef! I am always looking for new ideas! You should start up a thread with some interesting healthy recipes to share with us!

Yes, I could give you a list of lots of great recipes. First you really have to think about flavors and how they work together. So I suggest being adventurous when you eat.

I too have moved drastically away from conventional GMO tainted foods and am not wholly organic but I do eat grass fed and hormone free animals only. That can be expensive for a lot of people but you don’t need to eat a lot of meat to stay healthy especially when you can eat a lot of legumes that when combined with other meats or dairy may complete proteins.

I do a lot of fermentation and I also make my own yogurts. So I do from an beer too!

Before I post any recipes my best advice is that you read everything on every label that you bye. And do not eat anything that comes out of a box. They are filled with MSG GMO’s and all sorts of odd things like cellulose which is of course woodpulp!


I am already Non-GMO household. I decided that after my son. I buy only grass fed meats, organic veggies, eggs etc… I would rather pay a little bit more than to eat all that GMO stuff. It tastes better too!

I am so excited we have a chef on here LOL