Recruiting for study NC Chapel Hill

I thought I’d post this in case anyone is interested in helping out, of course anyone in the Chapel Hill or Triangle area in North Carolina. I was considering doing this for being in that area seeing family.

Your participation would involve:

A telephone screening to see if you might qualify
An in-person baseline visit to talk through details of the study, assess your body composition and fitness level, and complete familiarization of the exercise.
Three in-person randomly assigned treatment visits each lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours. One exercise session will consist of high intensity exercise on a stationary bike where you will peddle hard for one minute and then easy for one minute ten times. The other exercise session will be moderate continuous exercise where you will peddle consistently for 20-30 minutes. At these two sessions, 3 blood draws (~1.5 teaspoons) before, immediately after, and 1-hour post exercise will occur. The last session will be a control session where you will not exercise and 2 blood draws will occur, with an hour rest in between.
You will also be asked to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and wrist-watch fitness tracker 7 days before the in-person visits and 7-days after the visits. You will also be asked to record what you eat for 3 days, with at least one day prior to your study visit.
You will receive up to $125 of monetary compensation for your time.

All visits will occur in the Applied Physiology Laboratory located in Fetzer Hall on UNC’s main campus. Free parking is provided. Further details about the study are provided in the attached document.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at: APLRESEARCH@UNC.EDU with the subject: HIIT T1D

Or call us at (919)-962-1663



hi @Disco2

There is no information attached - and I don’t know if the study described is still open, so I am going to close this topic but I am including a link for anyone who is interested in ongoing UNC studies.

The link continues to work with the topic closed.

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