Recruiting for T1D Studies

The Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, probably the best diabetes research and treatment organization for diabetes is looking for people who have had T1 for a number of years to answer some questions; more specifics are in the quoted section below - I’ve had T1 for too many years to participate.

" … Hello Medalists! I hope you all had a great weekend.
I am posting this message to ask for your help in our recruitment process for one of our ongoing studies.
We are looking for patients with 30-49 years of Type 1 Diabetes who have no history of eye or kidney disease but have an A1c of 7.5% or higher!
We were hoping you could help us by spreading the word. If you know of anyone who qualifies for this study, Please give them my contact information.
Maxwell Brown, Study Coordinator, (617)309-4532

Hope you all could help us reach our goal.
Thank you,

Maxwell "

Thanks, Dennis