Refilling cartridge?

So, I went on a day trip and like an idiot, I only have 2/3 of a days worth of insulin in my pump, and like even more of an idiot, I forgot and bolused for breakfast with my pump instead of a syringe.

So has anyone refilled a cartridge with a syringe? I don’t have the cartridge needle and plunger… Is there any way to get around it, or should I pick up some lantus and take an impromptu vacation?

Same thing happened to me, I filled the pump cartridge using a syringe.  Just fill up the syringe and squirt the insulin into the end of the cartridge that connects with the tubing.  There will be lots of bubbles but you can "prime" them out.  No reason to fill the pump cartridge completely full either.  It will work, I posted a thread about this in the "traveling w/ D" message board.

Good Luck!!!!

Jason Pike