Refrigerated test strips

I've put a call into the pharmacist at Medco, but I don't know when in the next 24 hours they'll get back in touch with me.  Yesterday afternoon, I wasn't at work when a box arrived from Medco for Aaron.  My co-workers, concerned that it might be more insulin (which we'd received on Thursday), stored it in the refrigerator overnight.  The instructions for One Touch Ultra test strips say do not refrigerate.  Were 3 months of test strips just ruined?  Does anyone know for sure?

Hi Angie,

The best thing to do right now is probably call the company that makes the machine and test strips, and talk with one of the customer services reps there. Depending on what brand...etc. maybe they are able to be salvaged. The phone numbers are usually on the testing machine, or on the packaging of the test strips. Hope it all works out for you :)