Regarding insulin pump

Hello, I was diagnosed with type 1 earlier this year and i am just wondering if you think that a pump is an improvement over just normal pens? pros and cons?

Hi. My son was diagnosed 1 year ago at age 10. He is now using Dexcom CGM and the Omnipod insulin pump. We love using both. Pros are the pump delivers insulin without shots and can deliver small doses if needed. I love that because it can control his diabetes without as many lows. Cons are having 2 devices inserted on his body at all times. He doesnt seem to mind most of the time. He complains once in a while but not much. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer what I can.


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Hi Eric @Spoonman, pens, syringe & vial or pump can all be good and very effective so choice should be made on other factors such as lifestyle - and of course, doctor recommendation.
I managed my diabetes very well for several years, HbA1c on the range of 5.9 to 6.1, for several years before changing to a pump. I used syringes and needles and some very crude pens for 47 years. At present my insulin needs have diminished to the point I’m now using only one-fifth of the daily amount of insulin I needed 60 years ago - and my pump permits me to give inulin in increments of 25/100 [25 one thousandth] units.
I’ve met an endocrinologist who has had diabetes for more than 50 years, who after using pumps for several years now relies on pens for outstanding management. Personally, I recommend using a pump.

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@Spoonman hi Erik, for me, i could never get my long acting shot and then shots, just right. Pumping means you can match basal rates to just what you’re body needs and that was the big decision point for me. Pumping allows you to dial back your basal rate when you are way more active than typical, which for me was the deciding factor. You can make anything work with effort. Good luck.

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@ Spoonman Hi Erik,
I was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 26. This was a major lifestyle change for me. I used pens for about 5 years. I could never get the control I wanted with the pens and multiple daily injections (MDI). I had issues with lows at night. I spoke with my doctor and switched to an insulin pump. I have never looked back since. I am currently on the Medtronic 670g insulin pump. I love the results I have had with the pump I am on. I would recommend talking to your doctor about an insulin pump such as this one.