Regenerating beta cells?

Hi all I want a help from u……. Wen I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started insulin my beta cells were only 0.62 as per the c-peptide test and after a month (this Month) my sugar levels startd fluctuating as u all know and after that it started fluctuating badly …… Doctors said for a c-peptide again it was 0.87 …… My sugars before always remains 400 (even after injecting insulin) but now I ate food not taken insulin and it raised from 110 to 140 for half an hour …… So they said that they are regenerating …… I want to know that will they come to normal or again will destroy? I was injecting 16 units before which r now only 6

it is very common to start making your own insulin after you start to inject insulin. this will last from 1 month to 1 year. This will not last forever and eventually you will need to inject all of your own insulin.

c-peptide is a test to see how much of your own insulin you are making. your own insulin (not injected insulin) has a c-peptide component per each unit mass of insulin. by measuring your c-peptide, your doctor can make decisions about your care. “regeneration” may have been a poor choice of words to say to someone who has just been diagnosed, as the patient sometimes think they are getting better or that type 1 diabetes will “go away”. sorry.

Thank u @joe for ur advice