Rejecting Pump Sites

Has anyone ever had an issue with rejecting pump sites? I am new to the pump and I am not having any issues. However, my fiancee has Type 1 and has been pumping for 12+ years. She began rejecting the sites a few months ago and got allergic reactions at the pump site. Then, "no delivery" errors happened frequently. Pump sites began lasting <24 hours, and her blood sugars were all out of sorts.

I've heard some people have allergic reactions to certain infusion sets? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for your input!

I've had plenty of issues with pump sites. What were your fiance's symptoms? And what makes you certain these were allergic reactions? Most of my issues have been with bruising, infections, bleeding, dislodging. I've also had problems with the body not being able to absorb insulin at various sites despite cycling.

That stinks having trouble with pump sites.  I have been on the pump for 8 or 9 years, I can't remember.  I haven't had problems with sites at all.  I do have problems wearing the cgm longer than 5 days.  I use the medtronic and supposedly it is only to be used for 3 days, but I cheat but it leaves a pretty good mark on my skin after 5 days of wear.  

Definitely try a different style infusion set.  Some leave a metal needle in the skin and other just a plastic canula.  Allergies aren't common, but many people have problems with skin that's overused after years of pumping.  You have to rotate sites anywhere that there's enough fat to insert (stomach, upper thigh, back, butt, arms) .  But if you're small or skinny it's tough to find enough good places.  

If she's on a straight infusion set she could try an angled one if the plastic piece is kinking off. Also, I'm allergic to the adhesive so I use Smith and Nephew skin prep pads. They create a sticky layer that lets your skin breath or something, idk, but if I don't use them the sites get all red and bumpy and itchy. . . she could try those. She could also try taking benedryl, but she probably doesn't want to take that every day. Otherwise, I would ask her doctor, some people are allergic to insulin and get hives from it, and changing brands sometimes helps. Hope you guys figure it out soon =)