Relationship changes after being diagnosed?

My boyfriend is always acting weird since my recent diagnosis. He is acting like my dad a little bit. Is anyone else's boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife acting this way?

Think it just shows he likes you.  Men are protective of the people they care for.  Guess women are too, but men can come on a little strong in that area.  He might feel powerless to help you, but feel like if he watches you close enough he can prevent a problem.  Over time he will realize that he doesn't have to have that level of stress all the time and you'll get used to how diabetes affects you.

I've had D since I was a kid, so dealt with it all my dating life and it was no big deal.  When I met my husband I knew he was the one because after our first date he went out and read a bunch of diabetes books so he could understand it better. Early in our relationship I had scary lows and all these years later he worries if he can't reach me easily by phone.  So I try to be aware of that and make sure to check messages if I hear the phone ring, even if I'm busy outside.

Once all the craziness dies down and you both get used to you having diabetes a little more, work together to figure out how you can reassure him without having to feel like a kid.  Being compassionate and working together to solve your problems is important for any relationship.  

Very well put Jennagrant! Careing is the key word. You must be important to him Sara :-)

Yeah I guess I'm important. It's jus weird because I've never had someone continuously ask me if m ok before. Not only that, but I'm used to doing everything on my own. Ever sinceive left the hospital it's been crazy. He's always been a very caring person but not it's like whoa!

Usually in the beginning until the people that love you understand what is happening they tend to treat you a bit differently. My husband used to act like a parent and at times it would totally get on my nerves but, I realized after a while that he just loved me and wanted to make sure I was ok and doing the right thing. If you are serious about your boyfriend you should be able to openly talk to him about things, even if you think coming out it sounds a bit odd.

Like Jenna said, working together to solve problems is important!

Thanks you guys!