Relationships - Starting Over

Hey everyone,

My husband recently left me after 10 years without any conversation, just up and walked away. I’ve always had a lot of anxiety that I think stems from my t1d and this is pretty soul-crushing for me and I’m just having a rough time of even thinking of starting over. No one in my life understands t1d so I’m always explaining it and I just don’t know if I have it in me. I’m sure I will with time and I’m not really sure hat my question is here, just looking for any support or encouragement that anyone has. Or, god forbid, someones been through something similar. Just leaves you feeling so alone when I’ve always felt alone anyways with t1d.

Thank you all so much and much love to everyone,


Hi @t1d_plays , I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. I am sure you will find a way to keep moving forward. Loss of a relationship is a grieving experience, at least it was for me. Welcome to the Type One Nation forum.

Hello Amy,
My experience wasn’t quite the same I walked out cause my ex-husband said I was too much for him with my t1 but I eventually found a perfect partner. I agree keep telling everyone about our diabetes is hard but you have to remember the more you tell and teach maybe and most likely will be used in the future. As far as moving forward just play it by when you feel ready. You will find that special person who will want to help or as I did another diabetic themselves. My new husband is a t2 but we connect in the way he teaches me about his diabetes and I mine. Unfortunately covid has bought more complications in my life than expected but I know no matter what I am stronger and more a fighter :muscle: than I believe myself to be. I believe you are stronger and a fighter :muscle: yourself. Best wishes :heart:.

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@t1d_plays I’m so sorry - and angry - that this happened to you.
No one is guaranteed a lifetime without health challenges: your husband may face his own down the road and end up wishing he had treated you with the love and patience he hopes to have.
Like @Twinniepoo74 I found a spouse who is very loving and supportive: there is someone out there (maybe more than one) for whom diabetes will not be an issue - and who knows, it may bring you closer.

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I am so sorry to read this. I don’t have the exact same story and this will take time to grieve for sure as it’s been a large part of your life, but a few years back I stayed in an incredibly toxic relationship (verbal abuse, lots of gaslighting, and manipulation) because I kept thinking at least he can handle my Type 1. Heck I even rationalized him yelling at me for having a low blood sugar at one point, which looking back on it, why? I didn’t even realize that was a thought I had actively had until I sought out a therapist to talk through what made me stay for so long and that was one part of the equation for me. I took some time and worked on me and now I have a partner who is the absolute best. He has never once made me feel like my diabetes is too much even when I have had full on meltdowns about it. This poor guy knows so much about what affects my sugars and has probably talked more about a menstrual cycle than any guy wants to ever hear about :slight_smile: since that for me dictates when I eat more carbs (I still eat carbs I just need to figure out my basal first so I’m not shooting up to 300). He checks on me in the middle of the night if he hears my dex go off, and when I’m tired and cranky because I’m high he just brings me some water and asks what I need and let’s me just be. When he cooks a meal for me, he sends me the recipe so
I can figure out the carb count. He’s the literal best. So anyway long story short, if that’s the reason why your marriage ended, you deserve so much more and I hope you find it!

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