Remembering to test and bolus during Summer

Steve, a Juventation Member from Rosemount, MN, posted the following question in a recent blog:

As we all know summer is finally here. One of the biggest problems i have in the summer with my diabetes is forgetting to check my Bg. Another thing is i have a hard time remembering to bolus. When i forget to check/Bolus for my diabetes my doctors yell at me well not yell but lecture me. If anyone can give me some tips on how to remember to bolus/Check i would greatly appreciate it.


I posted the following comment and information which I thought everyone would find useful:

Look into purchasing a vibrating alarm wristwatch.  They are available from
Here's one model:



Hey Paul,

Also, on my pump there are blood sugar reminders that you can set up every two hours. So if you turn it on, it is like having the watch like you posted above. It alarms in a vibration mode or you can make it loud and ringing which I don't usually like to do.

My friend has the watch and she loves it I will tell her to post here so she can tell people how it works.


Does your pump vibrate 2hrs after you bolus?? or you can set it up to.. if you didn't bolus at all during the day, it would still vibrate?

Just wondering cause he mentioned he forgot to bolus too! I dunno how to avoid that.. do you forget to eat?!? (that was directed at the original post but I just realized he didn't even post it!! Paul did. Oh well)


Hi Andree -  I believe I'm on the same pump as Gina - but yes it would still vibrate.  There are a couple of ways to do this.  One is after testing and giving a bolus you have the option of setting up a reminder for however long you want after - it could be an hour, two hours, 2 1/2 hours - whatever you choose (think it's 1/2 hr increments).  There is also an alarm feature.  I use it because sometimes I get so busy and stressed during the day that I would go the full workday and not eat or test.  I have about 6 alarms set up to remind me to test and eat.         For those that are not on a pump - the watch is a perfect idea.