Removing the adhesive

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to using an insulin pump vs. injecting and so far, I love it!  Has anyone discovered any kind of trick for making it easier to remove the adhesive when I do a site change?  I don't have any skin sensitivity or allergy to the adhesive, but that stuff is just soooo sticky!

Thanks for any advice you might have!


I was thinking that too when I first got my pump.  But over the time I've had it, I've realised it's easiest to just rip it off in one swipe.  It may sting for a couple seconds, but then it's over. =P

That's what I do.

Ask your provider for uni slove! It is heaven sent. We use an extra adhesive with our son and it just peels right off. We get it from animas. It is individually wrapped like alcohol pads. you just rub it on your sight and it comes right off. The goo stays on the skin. Just wipe it off with an alcohol pad. Works like a charm. He does not even dread sight changes.