Renaming the disease?!

I was extremely bored yesterday so went to the local Library. As any parent, we're pretty much experts on T1, but thought "what the heck, I'll check out a book about T1 to see if I can learn anything new". So, checked out "Type 1 Diabetes for Dummies".

I found something VERY interesting in this book. Let me back up to diagnosis time in January of this year. As his endo came into our hospital room, I, like most people, was very confused as to how my son could have gotten diabetes as I was under the impression that it came from poor diet, lack of excercise, etc. I had NO idea the difference between T1 and T2. The Endo explained to me that T1 and T2 are EXTREMELY different and she said (and I quote)  "Really, these diseases shouldn't even have the same name".

Fast forward to my reading of Type 1 Diabetes for Dummies. The author of this book, Alan L. Rubin, MD, touched on this topic. On p. 27 of this book, there's a section called "On the hunt for a better name". He is asking the families and patience of T1 to submit their ideas for a new name for the disease.

If you have a suggestion for a new name, write him at

What would YOU rename it if you could?

My suggestion is Pancreatic Autoimmune Disease (PAD).

Quinton's suggestion is "Not the fat type of Diabetes"!

I personally wouldnt want to rename it. I just work on educating people on the differences between type one and type two. To me it seems easier since the names are already in place to explain the differences instead of explaining a new thing they have never heard of at all and then why it was changed. Not to mention the amount of money people would have to spend in changing their medical id bracelets and so on.

i wont want to rename it.

I'm alright with type 1, but i sure would like to eradicate IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). It leads to people thinking that if they were type two, but now they take insulin, that they're type 1. Stop stealing my struggle, yo!

But i'd be all about a new name. Let's call it banting's disease, after fred banting who is one of the discoverers of insulin. 


This was good for a few minutes of fun thought - though with my (admittedly) addled brain I couldn’t find anything that would work (love the PAD – except it isn’t the whole pancreas that is being attacked – but still think it’s grand):

But I thought…

Auto-Immune Diabetes – but AID seemed like maybe it would get confused with something else…

Then I thought

Genetically-predisposed-externally-triggered-autoimmune syndrome of beta cell destruction but that was WAYYYY too long and then…

Autoimmunne Induced Beta Cell Deficiency Syndrome but that wasn’t much better…

Luckily before this went much further, I remembered I’m really not very good at this sort of thing…

Thanks for the post and the bit of mental gymnastics!



PAD is taken.  This is fascinating me, though.  Let me know how this works out.

I think I mentioned changing the name awhile back when I was getting a little frustrated with having to explain the difference. However, upon further thought, I think it makes more sense to leave it as is. At least people have some idea what diabetes is, so once you step into diabetes territory you can move on to the differences between the types.

I think what's needed is more education and a committment by anyone working with type 2 to make sure they clarify when they're talking about type 2 so the groups aren't so lumped together.

As Sarah is so tiny and obviously healthy, I usually get strange looks initially when I mention she has diabetes, and this gives me an opportunity to do a little type 1/type 2 education. Between her school, after-school care and outside activities, I bet I've educated a hundred or more people on the difference. And my hope is that as they meet others and diabetes comes up in conversation, they'll be able to pass on the difference to even more people. And hey, we can even help out the type 2's when the opportunity arises. My daughter's daycare supervisor's dad was recently diagnosed and no one in the family knew anything about diabetes except her. And she was able to stay calm and explain the effects of high/low blood sugar, what insulin is for, etc. because she'd learned from working with Sarah.

I agree that the current names should be kept.  Diabetes is diabetes whatever the cause.  Did you know that there is Type 1 and Type 2 hepatitus?



I have read about this as well. I think the name should be changed because lets be honest, are people really going to be educated about the difference between type 1 and type 2? I heard a clever idea for a name sometime back. Auto-immune Beta Cell Disorder (ABCD). 



Rather than re-name it, let's make it a rule that you get 50  whenever you have to explain it to someone! I'd be rich! Rich! :D

Let's call it Royal Pain In The Ass disease, or where ever you shoot insulin or ware your infusion set.  (LOL)


I second that! LOL

The thing that pisses me off is that type 2 diabetes should get a new name.  Quit stealing our damn thunder. 

We shouldn't have to sit there and think of a new name.  Make them do the work...we already have to work 5 times as hard as them.

Dang, dude.  Let's remember this is a supportive community, not a place to bash type 2s.  I understand your frustration, but they have their own struggles, too.

I thought it was Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C? I am currently a health student. But I have not heard anything of a Type 1, Type 2 Hepatitis. :)

Being a health student I am sure you will appreciate this more than I do:

My buddy I work with is recently diagnosed type 2.  He doesn't do so well with his diet.  He wants the Lap band but his insurance won't give it to him.  He has been trying to loose weight as long as I have known him, but without success.  If lap band is known to cure type 2's, why don't the insurance czars jump at it?

Lab band surgery is expensive, dangerous, and has lots (and lots and lots) of potential for poor side effects. and i hate to break it to everyone, but there is no "cure" for type 2, just like there's no "cure" for type 1. you can call it whatever you want, but type 2 can only be well controlled, not cured. pre-diabetes is the only condition that can be reversed. type 2 is a progressive disease; once you've got it, you're stuck with it.

I posted a blog about this topic because I find the debate interesting. You're welcome to read it if you want.