Replacing insulin

Has anyone ever gotten their insulin replaced?
My son, who lives on campus was away this weekend and when he came back realized that the refrigerator died. Don’t know how long it was out but everything in it was warm. Has anyone had this happen and were you able to replace the supply of insulin?

hi @Koshka, if it was just delivered, you could always “say” it came spoiled/looks discolored/has solids at the bottom… if they believe you they should replace it.

The problem is that it is your responsibility, so technically they don’t have to replace it at their cost.

The good(er) news is it is very likely that the insulin is FINE. Open bottles/pens last for 30 days without refrigeration, unopened bottles/pen cartridges will go for months, and unopened vials and cartridges in the refrigerator can be kept until the expiry date.

Use the insulin… if it appears to be working (bringing down blood sugar in the typical way) then it’s fine. if it doesn’t work, then my advice is to complain “it came that way” and see if you can get it replaced.

good luck!


Insurance does understand this. Contact your supplier and let them know what happened. Insurance wants him to have good insulin.

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Insulin does not work if it’s exposed to 92 degrees heat. If it wasn’t that warm, the insulin will probably work fine. For these bottles, I’ld put them back in refrigerator, they should be ok.

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Hi!! I’m sorry you and your son are dealing with this. My insurance co did not care that my insulin went bad even if it did so on route from the mail away pharmacy. They told me to call UPS, that it wasn’t their problem. And guess what ups said?? Yup!! They claimed it wasn’t their issue either & I should call the pharmacy who should have packed it better!! FYI it was late October last year so there wasn’t any summer heat to deal with. I lost a three month supply and was told I would have to replace it out of pocket!!

So don’t be surprised if ur insurance tells u they are not responsible for your Frig dying. Sorry for the bad news, just wanted you to be aware that they can refuse to help!

After that happened, I no longer get my insulin thru mail order even though it was more cost effective to do so!!

Good luck & keep us updated on how you all make out!! HUGS!!! sandy

Pretty sure the insulin will work,as long as it was not exposed to extreme temps; I take my NOVOLOG in my purse when I know I will not be near my fridge at mealtime. Sometime I leave it in my purse overnight — not deliberately, of course. No problem.
Stay strong!