Research for a cure

My 8 year old grandson Carter has just been
diagnosed with Type 1. After the initial shock &
tears my son & daughter-in-law had a heart
to heart talk. At this point my best course
would be to educate myself on the nature
of this condition.
After a few months I researched a company
that is specifically pursuing a cure. Betalin
Therapeutics is at the point where the company
has applied to the FDA for human trials.The FDA is very favorable & excited. Please review
there research. The company is located in
Israel & is the most respected fairly recent
Biomedical startups. I am particularly interested
In fund raising and education. Contact the
I am a retired businessman located in
PT Saint Lucie, FL. I would like connect with your
forum to learn & make new friends. You may
call or mail me. Respectfully,
(954) 560-5835
(772) 409-4284

@Carter-1 Nice to meet you Melvin, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum. I’m sure you will meet other people here with whom you can relate.

I also suggest that you use the “EVENTS” Tab at the top of this page and select “JDRF Near You” and find a Chapter [there are some close to you] where you can get in contact with many people affected by diabetes. I know at the Chapter meeting I attend every month, there are usually a few grandparents listening and asking questions so that they can contribute to the life-time learning necessary to manage TypeOne. Our Chapter is heavily involved in raising funds For a Cure!!!

Hi @Carter-1. Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing the info about the research!
As everyone learns and adjusts, keep in mind that diabetes does not have to keep Carter from enjoying an active and healthy life. There are lots of topics you might check out on this forum, and you’ll find responses from a number of people who have had diabetes for decades and have experience to share. Hopefully the new research will lead to a cure before many years go by, and we will be able to speak the words “I HAD diabetes.”
There are some excellent diabetes tracking apps available: I use Mynetdiary, which lets me plug in my BG numbers, foods, exercise, weight, and lots of other info. Pumps and CGMs - which he may not use yet - can be downloaded and the data shared with his doctor; and a plain old BG meter may download as well (I came up before computers😳 and we had to write everything down).
Wishing your family the best.

Hi Dorie,
Thanks for acknowledging my post. Carters
parents who live in NYC and are managing
his condition along with the best medical
expertise at NYU medical center. I have
to tread on thin ice as a grand parent not to
offer any unsolicited input. Educating myself
is my main goal. I appreciate the info regarding
my netdiary app.

As you can imagine Carter being our only
grandson makes it more emotional. Fortunately
he has 2 loving sisters 10 & 4. My son told me
there is some type of test that can determine if they
will develop Type 1.
At this point Carter is enjoying a totally active life,
with more energy and gusto prior to his diagnosis.
(Boxing, Judo, baseball , basketball)
Hey thanks for your ear. Any more dialogue
would be appreciated. Stay well.

I got ya. It varies of course - some kids have a tough time with their diagnosis, while others have an easier time, at least relatively speaking. Sometimes the child handles things better than their parents.
Like any illness diabetes is a “family affair.” Before I got my CGM, and was just doing fingersticks, sometimes sometime else - a family member or even friend would notice my eyes looked a little glassy or something I hadn’t picked up on that indicated I might be running low. His sisters are young but hopefully can be in the loop, especially as they get older. It may be tempting for Mom and Dad to devote attention to him, perhaps at the risk of focusing less on their daughters, although not intentionally. My sister is developmentally disabled and growing up I sometimes felt of it wasn’t for my diabetes I wouldn’t get much attention since her needs were so much greater. Hopefully you’ll be able to very subtly help them maintain a balance even as you tread lightly.
There is a book cake Think Like A Pancreas that is highly recommended, and I believe the newest edition is coming out in the next few weeks. Also I went to diabetes camp growing up and it was a blast. I had fun, and my parents got a break, knowing I was with kids, counselors and medical staff. Just a few more things to think about as you navigate family dynamics.

Dear Melvin
My 10 years old son “Advik” was diagnosed 4 months back and i am still going through same feelings that you are going through. almost everyday i search on google to see whether there is any latest news around Type1 cure. I am very optimistic that Advik and Carter will get cured. I follow Dr Gittes and Dr Roep. I’ll share some links on your mail ID. I have seen a very different side of my son after his diagnosis. he is stronger and he gives lot of strength to me when we discuss diabetes at home. I am sure Carter will handle this pretty well.
Take care .