Research Project

My name is Amelia Lehel and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 13 years now. I am a highschool student in a research program at my school looking into type 1 diabetes! I am conducting a study on the experience of type 1 diabetes managment in teens and am looking for participants!

The requirements for participation are:

Between the ages of 12-17
Diagnosed with diabetes for 2+ years

I will be asking 5-6 questions in an interview form which will take place online, through the phone! If you or someone you know are interested in helping to better understand the teen diabetic experience please reach out to me!

Hi @liliou. Welcome to the forum and I wish you all the best on your research project. Anyone who finds the forum can read the posts and get your contact information, so I wanted to suggest you have them get in touch via private message instead. There’s still a bit of risk with that but at least your info isn’t as openly available.
Again, all the best!

@liliou Hi Amelia, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I’d be happy to answer your survey questions, byt my teen years living with diabetes in the 1850s and the management tools then would distort your study. I would happily help lend you my wide diabetes knowledge if you need assistance analyzing data received. Contact me through the Message Feature on this page. If you don’t know how to remove you phone number and mail, let me know and I’ll do that for you, and then tell you how.

And as Dorie said, you may be exposing yourself with the contact information you posted. To “talk” more privately with participants, use the Message feature on this page.

3 quick questions:
#1 Are you able to ask the questions via a online survey/google form/email format? I am unable to call via phone but I could easily fill out a 5-20 min survey over email/online survey.

#2 Are the requirements for your research very stringent? I’m 15 and have had T1D for nearly 2 years (DX is in 2 weeks)- would I qualify?

#3 What kind of research are you doing specifically? Like technology/how we manage T1D/mental-emotional stresses/how does this affect your life/other?

Thank you Amelia!