Research Survey: T1D and Telehealth during lockdown

Hello Type1Nation members!

My name is Gary Armstrong and I am currently conducting my MA dissertation on the experiences of Type 1 diabetics who used remote Telehealth clinical care during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

I am currently researching at the University of Warwick (UK). My research background is in Type 1 Diabetes technology and in a very odd twist of fate, my child ended up with a diagnosis for the condition.

I am very interested to hear how the experience of Telehealth was for other T1D people and carers, and such invite participants to complete the survey linked below.

No personal data is collected in the survey.

Many thanks,

Just feedback on the last Q: it would have been nice to be able to explain. I’d be extremely comfortable with telehealth for some things, but extremely uncomfortable with it for others.

Good luck in your studies, good health to you and your child, and please report back with what you learn!

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Hi Gary,

Wish I could help, but my endo did not offer Telehealth during the pandemic. He just limited the number of people in the office.

Pam K.

Thank you to all who have completed so far! Some interesting perspectives already recorded.

@srozelle The question definitely needs a space for additional comments given the range of circumstances diabetic people encounter.

@pamcklein How did you feel about face to face clinic visits if you don’t mind me asking?

In all honesty, it made me nervous. I would go in and let them know I was there. There were usually @6 people already in the waiting room. I asked if I could wait in my car until they were ready for me. They said it was okay. So, that is what I did.

Pam K.

We just had our first clinic appointment in person for a very long time and it was surprisingly calming. The block of the hospital they are using is massive and at no point were we anywhere near other patients.

My partner had to take our son in during the lockdown for A1c testing and that was similar to how you describe. Quite tense even though there were just a few people in the waiting room.

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying positive.

Hi. I just took your survey - it was quick and easy. All the best to you!

Thank you @wadawabbit and to the many others who have completed who haven’t mentioned in here.

Lots of reasonably good experiences during the pandemic overall by these responses.