Researcher Hoping Tuberculosis Vaccine May Cure Diabetes

We ran this article today. It a small update on an interesting human trial going on right now. Enjoy!

Researcher Hoping Tuberculosis Vaccine May Cure Diabetes

Sounds nice would it be to have a cure sometime within the next five years.....let's hope they keep researching!  Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for this!  I posted it on my Facebook, and my type 1 friend online was excited to read it also.

Her research is actually stalled right now because they need funding for starting the next phase. I'm going up this year to give blood, but they aren't able to start phase 2 (if you know anyone who wants to donate, they take donations).

I got an email from Faustman Labs.  Here is what I copy and pasted from it:

BCG Trial Updates

The Faustman Lab is happy to report new and exciting news from our clinical trials.  On Monday, June 28th, the Massachusetts General Hospital along with the Iacocca Foundation announced the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial testing BCG in type 1 diabetes.  The Faustman lab has also submitted all safety reports to the Food and Drug Administration as well as MGH data safety monitoring boards.

Attached please find the press release detailing this information.

We are now focusing on ramping up our efforts to begin Phase II of the trial as soon as the funds are raised.  Phase II will assess an effective dosage and frequency of dosing for BCG in human subjects.  For more information, please log on

Thank you all for your support!


And here is the link to the press release:

Oops, that link won't work.  My bad!