Researchers engineer pancreatic cell transplants to evade immune response

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I read a very interesting article...

Researchers engineer pancreatic cell transplants to evade immune response

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In a finding that could significantly influence the way type 1 diabetes is treated, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have developed a technique for transplanting insulin-producing pancreatic cells that causes only a minimal immune response in recipients.

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Here is a link to the full article for anyone interested:

It certainly seems promising for type one diabetics.  If the altered beta cells last for three months then maybe they can develop a cell therapy regimen for type one's that requires injections of these cells every three months and continuing glucose monitoring to be sure the cells are working.  Or I am sure at some point they will be able to prolong the life of these altered cells in the body, so maybe yearly cell injections?  Sounds like good medicine to me!

Lilith Dia bet es,

I think it is a really interesting approach and I think it is probably too early to figure out what it means to us in a clinical sense.  That said - YAY!  For me anyhow, I think it is another in a line of things that keep hope alive for those of us who love to see better things on the horizon.  Thank you very much for sharing this!



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thank's for your words ^-^ I like your vision :)

I believe a lot in a "free azure" future and in a better horizons ^-^

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