Researching for the best pump for me

I have an appointment Tuesday with my Endo to inquire about getting a pump. I have been diabetic for 8 years and in the beginning I did not take very good care of myself. I am now doing really well except for the fact that I always wake up with a high. Throughout the entire day my bloodsugar will not exceed 140, but after I go asleep and wake up it is exptremely high. Which bothers me because I take my Lantus before bedtime and I do not eat after 8. ANYWAYS back to the reason for this discussion. I have been doing lots of research, even have gotten a bunch of brochures from different companies. So far I have narrowed it down to the Animas Onetouch Ping Ultra and the Minimed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump (I would want to get the cgm if I can). Does anyone have one of these? And how do you like it? Also what should I expect when it comes to cost? I have Anthem Bluecross Blueshield Federal and I currently pay $40 a bottle of insulin. I just really hope a pump can help me with my "rollercoaster" blood sugars I have been having. Any advice would be appreciated!!

I have a Revel and I really like it. I have nothing to compare it to since I haven't tried anything else. I do not have the CGM. I can't answer specifically about your insurance, but Minimed will handle all of that for you. I have BCBS of Texas and the pump and supplies (tubing, infusion sets) fall under the Durable Medical Equipment category. This will vary, but mine has a $750 deductible and then pays 80%. Since you won't be using Lantus anymore, you will probably need twice as many vials of Humalog. Your insurance should cover a month's supply so you should actually pay less. Instead of paying $40 for a vial of Lantus, and $40 of Humalog, you'd only be paying $40 for two vials of Humalog for the month (or whatever fast-acting insulin you use).

I have been on the Medtronic pump since 2002, I believe.  I went onto the Revel just over a year ago and upgraded to the CGM.  I am very satisfied and believe that the combination is one of the best way I can manage this disease.  I have brought my A1c down to 5.7 for the last 6 months.  I still have lows, but not near as many as when I first started the CGM.  I get highs once an awhile too, but am able to correct quickly.  I have Blue Cross of So Cal and my co-pays are high,  I have to pay 45 bucks for one month insulin supply (2 bottles).  My co pay for the pump and cgm was under 2000 dollars.  I know that is a lot, crapy insurance plan, but Medtronics will work with you on payments setting up affordable payments with a low interest rate.  Best wishes and good luck.  This is a journey and I believe you are on the best path regardless of what pump you choose.  

Hi Courtney,

I had a minimed paradigm for 10 years, and I just recently switched to the Animas ping. Both pumps are pretty comparable. I chose animas for my new pump because it was waterproof and I'm in and around water a lot. I used the CGM with my minimed pump for a few months, and stopped because all of the beeping drove me nuts, and the insert hurt and bled, but I know people who do really well with it. Animas will be coming out with an integrated system like minimed's soon, it is already out in Europe, so just waiting on final FDA approval. When it comes out they have an upgrade program, so I think you pay $100 and send in your old, in warranty, pump and they send you the new model. I think you'll be happy either way. I do miss some things from my minimed pump, like the bolus button, but I really love the animas ping meter remote, it works great when I have a dress on. =)

I've had the Animas OneTouch Ping for 2 years now and I absolutely love it. But Rebecca, FYI  they have had problems with their pumps being waterproof. I had to get a new one because it had water damage. The pump and the customer service is great. I've had two replacement pumps over the past 2 years and they have been great about getting them to me fast. No matter what pump you go with it's going to be expensive. I have good insurance because my mom works for a hospital and they tend to give great coverage but I still payed around $2000 initially for my pump and then about every 6 months I get supplies which I pay 20% out of pocket for.

There are tons of websites out there that have programs for people who may not be able to afford supplies such as insulin, if you qualify a lot of these programs will give you insulin for free or at least close to free.

As far as the cgm goes currently they have a partnership with DexCom and the offer the DexCom Seven Plus cgm. I've heard great things about this cgm but have never actually tried it myself. Many endocrinologists can offer you a trial cgm for you to determine if it's right for you, I would ask and see if yours offers this.

Good luck!!