Resources for Newly Diagnosed Kids, Teens, and their Families

Hello everyone! I’m Elizabeth, I’m 17, and I have had T1D for 5 years. I know that many in-person events have been canceled, and it has been difficult for newly diagnosed T1Ds to find the support they need. I created a video series to help newly diagnosed T1Ds cope with the emotional side of diabetes. This three-part video series features kids and teens with T1D sharing their stories and advice, parents of children with T1D sharing their stories and advice, and professionals (including an endocrinologist, school nurse, and psychologist) sharing their perspective on the emotional aspect of T1D. Please feel free to watch and share these videos with anyone you think would find them helpful! I am only able to include two links, so below are links to the kids’ and parents’ videos. You can find the link to the professionals’ video in my next post or by searching the title on Youtube (Coping with the Emotional Burdens of Diabetes).

Here are the links:

Advice for Type 1 Diabetics | Type One Diabetic Teens Share Their Stories (Kids Video):

Advice for Parents of Type 1 Diabetics (Parents Video):

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Here is the link to the professionals’ video!

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Hey @elizabethlin03!! Welcome to TypeOneNation; we’re so glad to have you here! These videos are great!!
Folks - Elizabeth is an amazing advocate for the T1D community! Definitely check out these vids and share them around :slight_smile:

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